What is Included?

This is not your everyday cookbook. These recipes are tried and true recipes tailored specifically for the Freeze Dryer. This cookbook & freeze drying guide membership is an all inclusive resource for recipes, tips, tricks, and tools for the avid freeze dryer. Recipes include ingredients, instructions on how to prepare your food (and make it freeze dryer friendly), how to freeze dry it, cycle time and how to rehydrate. Each recipe has an online version, and a printable PDF version. Most recipes feature a video where you can watch the recipe being prepared and freeze dried. Also included are resources for rehydration, food storage, handy hacks, and tools to help streamline the FD process.

Our 6 Month and Yearly Members also have access to our purchasable downloads for FREE! Simply log into your account and go to Member Downloads. Yearly Members have access to The Freeze Drying Cookbook Volume 1 PDF Download and to The Freeze Drying Cookbook PDF Download, and our 6 Month members have access to The Freeze Drying Cookbook Volume 2 PDF Download only.

The site is updated frequently with new recipes, tips and information and you will have real time access to all new content. 

We hope you enjoy it. Happy Freeze Drying!