My name is Brian but some know me as Retired At 40(Live.Life.Simple.) I started freeze drying in 2016. When I got my freeze dryer I was looking for resources on how to use it. I scoured the internet and YouTube and discovered there wasn’t much out there. So, I jumped in and started my YouTube Channel. At first I was more focused on sustained living, gardening, and just being over all frugal. 

Frugality was tied to the fact that I was getting ready to retire soon (Yep you guessed it, at the age of 40). I thought the Freeze Dryer would be a fun video to throw in every once in a while, but had not intended it to be my main subject for the YouTube channel. After getting the hang of Freeze Drying and seeing the benefits of it I was hooked and it became the main focus of my YouTube Channel. Now my life is consumed with thoughts of “can I freeze dry that”? 

Once I developed a good understanding of how freeze drying worked (although I am still learning new things almost daily) I realized there was a need for accessories to make the FD process easier and more streamlined. So our online store, www.freezedryingsupplies.com was born. My wife and I started the business in our little 10x10 office. We worked tirelessly on developing products (and gasping for air every time we saw the cost of production of a product). We were so passionate and excited about what we were doing that we rarely slept.

We developed products one by one as the business allowed and slowly grew into having a well rounded one stop shop where we sell most things you need to simplify the FD process. In the meantime I had been getting MANY requests for a cookbook. I started and stopped making the cookbook several times. It is intense and really a true labor of love.

Some days I loved it and others, not so much. After more than a year we finally committed to putting a cookbook together. We tossed around ideas of a printed version, but the world of Freeze Drying is ever changing and there are always new and amazing ideas shared by the FD community.

We decided that a printed book would be outdated in no time and quite frankly, boring. So we opted for an online cookbook. That’s when Freeze Drying Cookbook was born (clever name, I know) With Freeze Drying Cookbook we are able to continuously add recipes and link videos (when available) to the recipes.

Allowing you to read and or watch the recipes, we have an interactive comments section where experienced freeze dryers can offer tips on recipes they have tried. The Freeze Drying Cookbook is growing with the help of you, the Freeze Drying Community (and my sister in law who has been typing up recipes for us...Thanks Brenda).

We would also love to add YOUR recipes to our cookbook. You can submit a recipe to us through the website and we will always give YOU credit for your recipe (If you want, or you can remain anonymous). We are working on adding YouTube “stars” in the FD world to our cookbook. With their permission we are adding their recipes and videos as well.

We are committed to continuously adding new recipes, tips, tricks, conversions, freeze drying logs, labels and other useful info that you will have instant access to with your subscription to our site. Our job of building a bigger, better Cookbook will never be done.

We believe this could be the best thing since Freeze Dried Bread. Ok, maybe FD bread isn’t that great, but you could make croutons with it. (Note to self, make crouton FD video). In all seriousness, we are so humbled, grateful and just down right excited to be able to bring the Freeze Drying Cookbook to you.

We hope you love it. Happy Freeze Drying!