1 How Do I Purchase a Membership?

  • -Hover over Products, 
  • -Hover over Memberships
  • -Click on Memberships and Gift Cards
  • -Choose your membership plan (Yearly, 6 Month or Monthly) and add it to your cart
  • -Click "Checkout"
  • -Create your acct
  • -Pay

2  How Do I Cancel my membership?

You will need to log into your account, under the words "My Account" click on Manage Membership, then click on the membership you wish to cancel and follow the prompts.

Please note that canceling your membership cancels any upcoming renewal fees and does not cancel or refund any already collected fees

3  How to I submit a Recipe and what information do I need submit?

Click Submit Recipe link at the top of our homepage. Please include:
-Recipe including ingredients and instructions
-Cycle time in your Freeze Dryer and your freeze dryer size
-Rehydration method (if applicable)
-Picture of your food

4  Can I search for a recipe or topic?

Yes, just use the search function at the top of our homepage. 

5  How do I contact Freeze Drying Cookbook?

You can contact us at freezedryingcookbook@gmail.com

6 I would like to be a contributor to the cookbook. Who do I contact?

You can contact us at freezedryingcookbook@gmail.com