The Freeze Drying Handbook

The Freeze Drying Handbook

Mar 20, 2023Brenda Brink

Here it is!

Everything you need to know about freeze drying!

We have been freeze drying since 2017 and run thousands of freeze drying cycles with all different types of foods. This book is for all freeze dryers young and old, new and experienced. This handbook is the first of its kind and covers all areas of freeze drying from purchasing decisions and setup, helping decide which freeze dryer to purchase all the way to troubleshooting and maintenance. This book was written to help you avoid making all the mistakes we have made along the way. We have compiled everything there is to know and a little more, all in one place! We live and love freeze drying and we hope that it shows in this publication. It has been 5+ years in the making and we are happy to share our knowledge and results along the way. So quit sitting on the fence or waiting in the wings.... Get an education in freeze drying!


The Freeze Drying Handbook is available for purchase from Freeze Drying Supplies and from Amazon the links for purchasing are provided below:

Freeze Drying Supplies:

Print book: The Freeze Drying Handbook

PDF Download: The Freeze Drying Handbook PDF


Print Book: The Freeze Drying Handbook

HAPPY FREEZE DRYING from Live.Life.Simple!

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