Mulled Apple Orange Spiced Cider


Your juices need to be 100% Juice no Sugar Added and if possible unpasteurized

1 Gallon Apple Cider

2 C Cranberry Juice

1 C Orange Juice

2 Oranges (1 sliced) (1 studded with Whole Cloves)

5 Cinnamon Sticks

½ C Fresh Cranberries

5 Star Anise, or ¼-½ tsp extract is equivalent to 1 Star Anise

1 Tbsp Whole Cloves (studded into one orange)

1 Tbsp of Whole AllSpice

1 ½ C Spiced Rum (Optional)

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Mulled Apple Orange Spiced Cider

Jan 16, 2023Brenda Brink
Contributed By: John in Bibs


  1. Place all ingredients into your crock pot, cook on low for 6-8 hours
  2. Place strainer over a large measuring cup or bowl
  3. Ladle Cider through the strainer, let it cool. 
  4. Pour 4 cups into a silicone lined medium tray and freeze until solid (If not frozen solid, this will likely explode in your freeze dryer)
  5. Freeze Dry
  6. Powder before storing
  7. Store Appropriately (See Tips and Tricks for storage help) I vacuum sealed the Jar with no OA


(You can freeze dry the sliced oranges, cranberries and cinnamon sticks if desired)


Cycle Time:

about 40 hours


¼ C powder to 1 C boiling water, stir and let sit for 2 minutes. Can add honey, and freeze dried fruit if desired.


* Large Tray = 8 Cups/tray   Medium = 6 Cups/Tray   Small = 4 Cups/Tray

Cycle times & rehydration for reference only. Your results may vary.

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