The Freeze Drying Cookbook Volume 1 available on Amazon

The Freeze Drying Cookbook Volume 1 available on Amazon

Dec 19, 2022Brian Witmer

Are you a printed cookbook kind of person? 

No problem we've got you covered. Our book is available on Amazon! 

The Freeze Drying Cookbook Volume 1 contains 100+ recipe from our website from the contributors Live. Life. Simple (aka Retired at 40) and Adventures in Freeze Drying, along with a few tips, storage suggestions, rehydration methods, and capacity chart. 

Each recipe also gives a Cycle time, that will vary based on many factors but gives you an idea of the cycle time... and suggested rehydration which can also vary but will get you in the right ball park. 

Below you will find different Amazon links by country, based on customers request for links. Don't see your Amazon listed? Just email us to ask us for the Link! 

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